Lucha libre masked cumbia group El Conjunto Nueva Ola continue blowing away audiences with tremendous success!

Lucha libre masked cumbia group El Conjunto Nueva Ola continue blowing away audiences with tremendous success!

ECNO is set to perform the rhythm taking over the U.S. the Cumbia!

Catch their currrent single a Peruvian Huayno influenced cumbia

“El Deposito

Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles, June 2018 – The renowned “heroes of rhythm,” EL CONJUNTO NUEVA OLA (ECNO), continue to rock festivals and stages across the United States with their unique brand of Cumbia Rock.

ECNO is currently stirring it up with their Peruvian Huayno  (Wayñu in Quechua is a genre of popular Andean music and dance originally from the Andes highlands) influenced cumbia “El Deposito” ( The Deposit) that is captivating audiences in the U.S.

Listen to “El Deposito”

Catch ECNO at the following events:

  • June 15, 2018 – Rodeo San Jose /Rodeo San Rafael with Los Caracoles
  • June 23, Pueblita La Bella @ Pico Rivera Sports Arena
  • June 24, LALIFF
  • June 30, La Cita Bar – LA
  • July 8, Levitt Pavilion –McArthur Park

In addition, expect a new studio album later in the Fall of 2018!

The group is known for their humorous songs that make light of popular culture, and they often parody songs by contemporary Latin & American musical acts. In their seven-year career span, the band has developed a cult following through its tight instrumentation and gimmicky high-energy stage shows. When performing live band members wear extravagant costumes and personalized Mexican wrestling masks to maintain their anonymity.

Originally from Mexico City, ECNO consists of leader and vocalist Urbano López, Luzio Nava on guitar, Primitivo Ríos on bass, Hipólito Madero on percussion, Tacho Vasquez on timbales, and El Raio Manzares on keyboard. Together they continue making music history in the U.S.

Sound: Covers / Cumbia/ Desmadre

“The members of El Conjunto Nueva Ola think of themselves as 21st Century wrestlers, battling musical styles onstage”- Betto Arcos PRI-BBC’s The World 

Imagine if Weird Al put on a luchador mask, gathered other LA based musicians from prominent bands, and went on a Cumbia party tear! That is the beauty of ECNO.”

Jose Galvan – KCRW Music Blog Pan Caliente 

El Conjunto Nueva Ola represents a mad-capped adventure down Alice’s Rabbit hole, but the Mad Hatter’s tea party is serenaded by half-crazed musicians in Mexican Luchador masks.” –Mark Torres – KPFK 90.7 FM Travel Tips For Aztlan



El Conjunto Nueva Ola:

Listen to El Conjunto Nueva Ola



El Conjunto Nueva Ola – El Piranha


El Conjunto Nueva Ola – Dancing With Myself


El Conjunto Nueva Ola – El Jom Dipo (Pa’ la People)



El Luchador –

Chido Chido –

Cuando Seas Grande –

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