We are an independent Public Relations and marketing agency located in the city of Los Angeles, California, with a global, avante garde vision.

For over 10 years, Vesper PR has been the agency of record for some of the most transcendental multicultural events in Southern California and beyond.

Vesper PR; is very knowledgeable of the diaspora of Latin American cultures, especially in the United States, and in particular to Southern California. This first-hand knowledge has not only garnered national Latin media coverage for clients seeking to connect with their core audience, but it has also helped Vesper PR clients’ crossover to English speaking audiences via general market media coverage leading to a much desired multi-culture exchange that is very important for the growth of the above mentioned events. In addition, Vesper PR is always seeking to develop liaisons between community organizations to ensure that our audiences are being properly served and spread to all interested.

Proving that Vesper PR is the go to firm for all things Latinx, reporters looking for quotes on Latin culture are turning to Vesper PR founder Mariluz Gonzalez for her unique insight. Most recently she was quoted in the New York Times article; “Día de Muertos Barbie: Respectful Tribute, or Obviously Cultural Appropriation?” Earlier this year Mariluz Gonzalez was featured in Billboard magazine’s article “The PR Ladies Behind Latin Superstars” a compiled list of the most important publicists in the Latin market.

In 2008, Mariluz Gonzalez founded Vesper Public Relations and Marketing, an independent multicultural agency located in San Fernando Valley, California. Mariluz is also proud of her client’s development both personally as well as in business.

Vesper Public Relations & Marketing was founded by Mariluz Gonzalez, who after graduating with a B.A in Latin American Studies from UCLA, began working in public relations with well-established entertainment labels. However, her love of Latino Arts & Culture and entrepreneurial spirit led her to successfully launch Vesper Public Relations & Marketing in 2008. Mariluz Gonzalez is also a long-time co-host of KPFK’s long-running Latin Alternative music show, Travel Tips for Aztlan, bringing a deeper level of entertainment expertise to her clients.

Vesper PR is known for building profitable alliances between promoters and organizations, brands and events. Embracing an avant-garde vision, Vesper PR seeks out and utilize all avenues of promotion be it traditional or alternative in order to remain as innovative and fresh as their clients.

Both Vesper Public Relations and Mariluz Gonzalez have been recognized by the City of Los Angeles for their work in deepening the cultural presence of artists in the city. Recently, Mariluz was honored amongst 31 other women from the San Fernando Valley by the popular blog, I am San Fernando, for their contribution to their community.

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An independent company providing leadership and vision in Hispanic Public Relations & Marketing that creates opportunities and promotes the positive image of our clients among diverse audiences.


To offer Public Relations and Marketing consultation in order to create an integral promotional program and establish a solid relationship with diverse avenues of communication.


Vesper Public Relations prides ourselves on our core beliefs which include high quality, diversity, knowledge, experience, avant-garde, and being visionary in our approach with our clients and their place in their respective industry.


We specialize in diverse realms of entertainment in the Hispanic market serving a range of clients and interests.