¡You’re invited to the biggest Annual Festival of Mexican Gastronomy in United States!

 ¡You’re invited to the biggest Annual Festival of Mexican Gastronomy in United States!

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary 

 ‘La Feria de los Moles’ 

October 1st, 2017 at Grand Park- #DTLA

An act of solidarity will be held to reunite immigrants from Los Angeles with their families in Puebla 

Art* Folklore *Music* Mexican Gastronomy* Special Guests

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Vesper Public Relations- Los Ángeles –-September, 2017.  Los Angeles’ “La Feria de Los Moles”, is now celebrating its 10th Anniversary; ten years of flavor, culture and tradition; represented by the best Mexican gastronomy and the succulent mole varieties for 2017.

The states of Puebla and Oaxaca are ready to present the best in culinary on Sunday October 1st, 2017 in its new location at Grand Park: 200 North Grand Avenue, in the heart of Los Angeles.

The recent events in Mexico, the 7.1 earthquake that occurred on 19 September leaving devastation and deadly consequences for the country led the Unión de Poblanos en el Exterior (UPEXT), organizers of the Feria de los Moles, to perform an act of solidarity with Mexico. UPEXT is set to reunite immigrants living in Los Angeles with their family members back in Mexico who experienced the Puebla earthquake firsthand and thus share their feelings being away from each other when the Earth was moving. 

Special guests: Masters of Ceremony: Emmy Award Winning Tina Malave  &  Jaime Aymerich, Supervisor Hilda Solis, Concilman Jose Huizar, Carlos García De Alba, Chef Liz Galicia, Luis Javier Cue, Profesor UCLA, Dr. David Hayes-Bautista, María Lucero Saldaña Pérez, Ignacio Alarcon Rodriguez Pacheco & Robert Arcos.

This delicious event includes a special presentation on the origin of the famous mole, a delicious and fun gastronomic debate amongst representatives from Puebla & Oaxaca (Mexican states known for their mole), and tastings of the different mole styles for all in attendance. Judge for yourself all the moles to decide which you like the best.

As special guest the town of Coapan will join the celebration. The town is known as a hub of corn. The women of the town dedicate themselves to the sale tortillas. A “Tortillas” contest is famous locally and worldwide among children, young and women of all ages.

The winner of this contest the traditional Mole de Caderas Kuthenso dish, crafted by chef Gudelia Albino Méndez who speaks Náhuatl and sells a specialty tortilla made of mole.

From Puebla, Chef Liz Galicia, will share her famous vegan mole. The state of Oaxaca will share its traditional crafts made of black mud/clay, an impressive collection that you can’t miss.

There will be traditional native attire from Puebla and Oaxaca at this celebration. A sample of this collection is the costume of the “Goddess of Mole,” a wardrobe composed of denim pants and three versions of blouses.

The traditional dress Totomochera, can’t be missed, a dress that represents women that work the ear of corn. A garment inspired by the women who Works the land. The dress consists of corn ear attached with multiple colors of maguey strands, blanket and artificial stones.

Chignahuapán, known as the magic town, is the hometown of known Mexican actor Capulina; the town will share on this celebration its traditional spheres that also have arrived from the Vatican.

For this 10th anniversary of La Feria del Mole expect more folklore and art, with a variety of craft, memorabilia as well as the opening of the Mole Museum which will house a special exhibition of traditional stone grinding tools and cocoa beans to show the elaboration of the chocolate, one of the main mole ingredients.

This 10th edition of this celebration will unite families with “Un Encuentro con Nuestras Raíces” (A Meeting of Our Roots) in where parents, sons and daughters will unite for the first time after 20 years. These families will share their joy with thousands in Feria de Los Moles attendees. The families will arrive directly from the airport to reunite with their families at Grand Park. 

Unión de Poblanos en el Exterior (UPEXT) (Poblanos’ Union of the Exterior) and Feria de Los Moles make this family reunion possible. Such reunions preserve our traditions, folklore, values and family union.

On October 1st, at Grand Park will, for the first time, host this celebratory feast filled with flavor and featuring an array of delicious moles that go from sweet to salty and hot. This year an array of delicious pastries and other dishes will be prepared right along with mole. It’s another first, and expected to be a unique star of the event.

You are invited to join a flavorful event offering more than 13 different Mexican moles to enjoy and bringing together a record attendance of over 30,000 people of all ages, generations and cultures. 

The delicious event starts at 10:00 am. and lasts until 7:00 pm. taking place at Grand Park. Entrance is free and the traditional food is available for purchase. 

Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold speaks about Feria de Los Moles (2012):





Elenita’s Mole

Mole San Jerónimo Aljojuca

Mole San Pedro Tlaltenango

Mole Los Colorines

Un Rinconcito Poblano

Mole Doña Mago Tlatlauqui

Delicias Poblanas

Mole Tepanco de Lopez

La Morenita Oaxaqueña

Sabores de Oaxaca


Aquí Es Oaxaca

Juquila Restaurant

Mole Quialana

Zapotec Kitchen

Casa del Mole

Expresión Oaxaqueña

Antojitos Regionales Chabelita 


Pan de Fiesta San Juan Huactzinco

Viva Los Cupcakes

Carrasco’s La Original Nieve de Garrafa

Nieves Xochi

Panadería Santo Domingo

Nieves Artesanales Isabella

Tejate Quialana

Angelina’s Tejate San Marcos

Tejate Tlacolula


Artesanías Quialana

Artesanías Grecas de Mitla

El Oaxaqueño Imports

Chela’s Arte Mexicano

La Feria de Los Moles Collection store

Del Castillo Esferas

Milpa Alta Delegacion


2017 Magic Town Invited

Chignahuapan (Tierra del famoso cómico Capulina y de las aguas termales)


2017 Invited Country

Guatemala (Rep. Mesa Comunitaria Guatemalteca en Los Ángeles)





Cultural Stage

Ballet Folklórico Mexica

Grupo Folklórico Nuevo Amanecer

Charros de Tlaxcala

Carnaval San Pedro Tlaltenango

Chinelos de Morelos

Camada de Tlaxcala

Huehues de Puebla

Bailable SB Quialana Oaxaca

Grupo Cultural Ajalpan


Arnold: El Charrito Poblano

Los Huaches de Tierra Caliente

Ariana Martínez con Mariachi

Omar Sánchez (Ex vocalista de Alacranes Musical)

Umami Music Band

Grupo Kristal Norteño

Sonora de Los Ángeles

Grupo La Nación

Grupo Fuerza G

Los Chavos de La Cumbia

Event Partners:

Grand Park

Ciudad De Los Angeles: Distrito 14

UPEXT- Unión De Poblanos En El Exterior

Oaxaca En La Piel



Mole Museum

Lucha Libre

Mole Workshops

Kids Space 

La Feria de Los Moles’ goal is not only to showcase the delicious Mexican cuisine, a tradition- recognized by the UNESCO world patrimony. The fair was founded by Pedro Ramos ˜Union de Poblanos En El Exterior (UPEXT), an organization recognized with a Proclamation from the City of Los Angeles recognizing its efforts in support of education, health and issues that affect the Latino community in the city.

Founder Pedro Ramos: FERIA DE LOS MOLES

Has visited communities from Puebla in search of colors, taste and texture that characterize the Mole. In his quest to find the best representation of this succulent culinary he has uncovered rich culture and communities that many times go unnoticed. After this valuable finding, Pedro Ramos sends them to United States with the objective to introduce the rich Mexican gastronomy and be crowned best mole at this 10th Anniversary of foundation La Feria de Los Moles. 

Click here to watch short film about founder Pedro Ramos



Mole is a dish that originated from the collision of indigenous and Spanish cultures in Mexico. Legend chronicals the discovery of the tomato, cocoa, vanilla and condiments that are part of most mole recipes. Also the ancient Nahuatl name molli was an important dish of salsa. Most of the mole ingredients come from Mexico and involve an important and ancient utensil, the metate, made of stone and used to chop and mix all of these condiments for molli. Because of the use of this pre-Columbian utensil, we can say that mole has an important role in the culinary history of Mexico.

Later on, during the colonial era more ingredients were added to the indigenous mulli, ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, pepper and almond. In Puebla this combination was named mole poblano, a dish combining culinary elements of indigenous and Spanish ancestry.

Although Puebla documented the first state of the mole dish, there’s no certain origin, but the legend is well known, and it tells that Mother Andrea de la Asuncion, from Santa Rosa Convent in Puebla, presented the first mole thanks to a divine wind that dropped all these different condiments to the pot where she was preparing this mole for the sympathy of Viceroy Tomas Antonio de la Cerda y Aragon, Marques de La Laguna.

While Oaxaca is a state of major variety of moles where 7 different dishes exists in the Mexican Republic: Negro (black), rojo (red), coloradito (colored), mancha manteles (table cloth stained), verde (green), Amarillo (yellow) and chichilo.


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