Wrap up Women’s History Month with Vesper Public Relations and Marketing

Wrap up Women’s History Month with Vesper Public Relations and Marketing

Not just celebrating one month, but making women’s history all year long. 

Continuing to tell the multicultural tales of Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA. March 2024 Vesper Public Relations –Vesper PR and Marketing continues to share L.A.’s many varied and uniquely multicultural stories with the rest of the world, here are a few highlights of 2023 while looking forward to a superb 2024.

Mariluz Gonzalez and her team have been called ‘culture warriors’ by their partners in the media and they take that moniker to heart. Mariluz seeks out clients that represent L.A.’s culturally diverse community, especially those client’s whose programs and events benefit individuals, families, and the entire community.

Vesper Public Relations continues providing top tier PR for long term clients such as: the beloved 7th annual Boleros de Noche concert series, the Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles at MacArthur Park that celebrated its 16th anniversary with 32 free concerts showcasing L.A.’s many varied cultures is they Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, Native American or African American. The 7th Annual Festival Chapin Los Angeles, the yearly event that celebrates Guatemalan culture, the 77th Annual East L.A. Mexican Independence Day Parade, the longest-running and largest Mexican heritage parade in the country, the 19th Annual Celebrating Words Festival and Regional Mexican record label Fonovisa Records. It would not be Hispanic Heritage Month without the 15th Annual Hola Mexico Film Festival and the 16th Annual La Feria de los Moles.

Looking ahead to 2024 Vesper Public Relations is proud to announce a new clients, the CA Watermelon Festival taking place June 22 &23 at Hansen Dam in the San Fernando Valley, and Mujeres de Maíz who are celebrating their 27th anniversary on April 7 with the release of a new book and art show along with the announcement of a half million dollar grant.

“These two great organizations are a perfect pairing for Vesper Public Relations as nothing is more important to me than family friendly outdoor celebrations of  lifestyle like that of the California Watermelon Festival, and of course the female empowerment through poetic arts, and progress of Chicana issues presented by Mujeres de Maíz.” Says Mariluz Gonzalez.

In 2024 Vesper Public Relations, looks forward to sharing the stories of these upcoming events with you & those that will join us. We are so glad to live in this great city with you, we love you all, stay safe, stay active.

Vesper Public Relations & Marketing was founded by East San Fernando Valley resident Mariluz Gonzalez, in 2008.


Watch Vesper Public Relations 2023 client re-cap video:


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