The Phoenix, AZ-based duo Alan Y Roberto release the official music video for “El corrido del coronavirus” 

The Phoenix, AZ-based duo Alan Y Roberto release the official music video for “El corrido del coronavirus” 



Vesper Public Relations – Los Angeles, CA (April 2020) The official music video for “El Corrido Del Coronavirus” by Alan y Roberto (Alan Lara Meza and Roberto Lara Meza) is now available on YouTube. Brothers Alan y Roberto have written a song that is dedicated to all of the people that have been effected by the #COVID19 pandemic (#Coronavirus).


Todo el mundo asustado por ese coronavirus el papel ya se acabado no hay arroz y frijol pinto el agua también empieza a escasear no se agüiten  todo pronto pasará 

“The entire world is scared of this virus. There’s no more toilet paper nor rice nor pinto beans. Water is also beginning to be hoarded 

Las tiendas y restaurantes las escuelas y los bares todos cerraron sus puertas vale más estar alertas todos en casita en familia están,  pues la vida es corta y juntos hay que estar 

“The stores, restaurants, schools, and bars closed their doors. Now is the time to remain indoors at home with family. Life is short and we need to be together” 

Hay que darle tiempo al tiempo no hay que ponernos violentos al mal tiempo buena cara eso siempre sale vara oremos con fe eso nunca va a fallar, la pandemia el señor pronto de tendrá 

“We need to be patient and not become violent during this difficult time. We need to face this situation with faith that God will soon help deter it.” 

Hay que lavarnos las manos para si no contagiarnos también el desinfectante para que el virus tú lo espantes tapa bocas usarlo en público, ánimo que no panda el cunico 

“We need to wash our hands and  use disinfectant to not spread the virus. Let’s be brave and save.” 

Hay que unirnos como hermanos hay que echarnos bien la mano no olvidar a los abuelos lo más bello que tenemos ya sus pasos son lentos al caminar, más conciencia para ellos al comprar 

“We need to unite as brothers and give a helping hand to those in need. We can’t forget our grandparents, the most precious possessions we have. While they are slower to move, we need more conscientiousness to help with their their essential purchases.” 

Han pasado cosas peores y salimos triunfadores somos guerreros de acero la adversidad venceremos el viento estos versos te los llevará Alan y Roberto presentes están 

“We have endured through more difficult situations and we will triumph. As warriors, we will defeat the adversity. Aland and Roberto bring you these verses.”

Based in Arizona and born in Poblado 7, Valle del Carrizo, Sinaloa, México, also known as “La Villa Gustavo Díaz Ordaz”, the sibling duo has three studio albums comprised of their own compositions. 

These charismatic brothers have stirred interest in the public not just for their unique style of composing but also for their passionate singing style accompanied by guitar and tololoche (upright bass). Whether on a stage, at a simple backyard party, at a barbecue with friends, at a ranch, or wherever people are hosting a festive occasion, these brothers bring an energetic spirit to their performances.

Some of the artists that Alan y Roberto draw inspiration from are as follows: Los Tigres del Norte, Tucanes de Tijuana, Chalino Sánchez, and Bertin y Lalo.

The duo’s talent has also been praised by distinguished critics within the Regional Mexican music industry, such as Pepe Garza. (

Although the sibling duo has enough talent to compose and perform their own songs profesionally, they’ve always worked on other projects to help support their dream. Their weekends were dedicated to performing and during the week they worked as taqueros (taco makers), while always focusing on their musical aspirations.

The brothers initially wanted to launch their individual solo projects and to help each other on their recordings and live performances. Nonetheless, a friend suggested to them that they should form a duo, which has worked out for the brothers.


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