Spanish Hip Hop Rapper SICARIO releases controversial first single “Follar”, from new album titled “Mitología Criminal”

Spanish Hip Hop Rapper SICARIO releases controversial first single “Follar”, from new album titled “Mitología Criminal”

Spanish Hip Hop Rapper 

‘Raw, aggressive hip hop street poetry’ 


Releases controversial first single “Follar” (Fucking), from new album titled “Mitología Criminal” 

First release from RMG 38DEntertainment

 Click here to watch “Follar” video 

Worldwide Digital Release Available Now!


Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles, CA. (December 3, 2013) — A controversial tune starting with its title, “Follar” is a song that is sure to cause an uproar with both its lyrical message and raw, even spiritual, musical resonance.

The first single off Sicario’s “Mitología Criminal” album, “Follar” (“Fucking”) was recorded, mixed and mastered in Los Angeles, CA at DrugLab studios. Clear and direct, this no holds barred track was produced by Cynic.

Sicario’s masterpiece “Mitologia Criminal”, is ready to be unveiled to the masses that appreciate raw, aggressive hip hop street poetry, was just released worldwide digitally on November 19, 2013. The debut release for 38D/RMG a new label inspired by music, art and artistry with a unique view of media in today’s music world, distributed through Ingrooves Fontana ( 

Click here to download of single “Follar”

Set to be one of the hottest hip hop releases of the year, Mitología Criminal (Criminal Mythology) is the product of the Spanish hip hop artist’s collaboration some of the most respected artists in American hip hop.

The symphonies provided by DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill), Sick Jacken (The Psycho Realm), Cynic (Street Platoon), and the Roulette Regime are a perfect soundtrack. With special guests Killah Priest (Wu-Tang), Gansxta Ridd (Boo-yaa T.R.I.B.E.), Block McCloud (AOTP), RasKass, and both Capaz and Raika from Hablando En Plata, make this album destined to be one of the top releases for Spanish language hip hop this year.

Add to that what these prominent producers had to say about their experience in working with El Sicario:

DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill/Soul Assassins) on what he did for Sicario’s album. “I gave Sicario 2 filthy tracks — underground chaos is how I describe it — hard core war of the world’s rap — don’t miss this, and if you do, slap yourself” –Muggs.

 “Sicario is such a humble person as well as a beast on the mic! Lyrical conquistador bringing that Spanish gangsta shit to America. Salute!” -Ras Kass 

The album honors the gangster spirit of the 90s but brought into the 21st century, elevating the “myth” and everything that is considered “street”.

The product of his voyage to North America, and more specifically, Los Angeles, California is ‘Mitologia Criminal’. He went to the home of an elite group, The Psycho Realm, to search for a specific sound for his aggressive, street poetry. This is an album that will take listeners through a whirlwind of emotions while not losing sight of its purpose.

“I hope audiences can listen to my album from start to finish and discover that despite all the darkness, there exists a clear message of unity for all mankind,” says Sicario.

A dream come true for Sicario, who expressed ‘its unbelievable  to work with some of the best MCs and producers in the world, who recognize my work and treat me as an equal artist, having the privilege of working with my mentors who added their uniqueness to my work.”

Sicario’s personal goal is to reach international audiences through his music.  

About Sicario

Sicario is the artist name for Miguel Angel Soler, a Spanish MC from Malaga and member of the group Hablando En Plata. A former graffiti artist, he began rapping in the early 90s, joining several groups like ALK, QSC, TGA and PDM. He later adopted the moniker El Sicario and became a part of Hablando en Plata, group with which he recorded “Operación Mafia Fantástica”, “A Sangre Fria”, “Supervillanos de Alquiler” and the double CD “Libertad/Hambre”, all within the horror core style, providing over a decade of original hip hop music from Malaga, Spain.

About RMG:

RMG is an imprint label owned by Jack Gonzalez that reflects his global vision of offering opportunity to artists’ around the world. 

About 38D Label:

38D is a content marketing and distribution a company that provides distribution and marketing services for film and music using the platform INgrooves, INscribe Digital and ONE Digital division. 38D is composed of consumer marketing, film and music veterans and musicians.

Kevin Benson is an industry veteran, who was instrumental in establishing Latin Alternative music,  introducing iconic groups such as:  Soda Stereo,  Caifanes, Maldita Vecindand y Los Hijos del Quinto Patio ,Juanes, Puya to name only a few to U.S. audiences.  Later held a post at New Line Cinema in charge of music and licensing, creating numerous hit sound tracks. Also, created the Nightmare on Elm street licensing program and bought the Mask as a feature film for the company. In addition, he co-founded Maya Entertainment and produced Latinologues on Broadway.

Michael Harpster has more than twenty years of experience in marketing management, media planning, defining distribution channels, strategic planning, and directing multi-task teams. As Senior VP for New Line Cinema, Harpster played a key senior management role in the company’s development from a small distributor of non-theatrical film into the major publicly-held independent entertainment company it became prior to its sale to Turner Broadcasting.  Co-founder of Maya Entertainment.  Mike has a passionate for music.

Jack Gonzalez aka Sick Jacken leader of internationally renowned Hip Hop group The Psycho Realm.

Tony Harrelson aka Flossy spans a career of over two decades in the music business and was instrumental in developing and managing Lean Like A Cholo.

Their overall view is that the new world of digital distribution offers unparalleled opportunities for musicians and filmmakers.

“Mitologia Criminal” Track Listing:

1. Opio y Nicotina

2. Cuando Amenazo Cumplo

3. Sin Drogas No

4. Hecho En América

5. Autopsia de Un Asesinato

6. No Pares

7. Fuego Negro

8. Panteras feat. Ganxsta Ridd of Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. y  Hablando En Plata Squad

9. La Luz De La Sombra

10. Follar

11. Dos Capos Ft. Ras Kass

12. Fuerza Gorila feat. Killah Priest

13. Terrores de La Zona  feat. Sick Jacken & Block Mccloud

14. Kilos

15. La Agonía del Sistema

16. Miguel 1:1

17. Camina Por Ti

Webisodes: Sicario

‘La Luz De La Sombra’ video –

Webisode 1 –

Webisode 2 –

Webisode 3 –

Webisode 4 – Featuring Ganxsta Ridd of the almighty Boo-yaa T.R.I.B.E.

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