SourPop Records Presents: “Regalando Todo” of Monterrey band Los Mundos

SourPop Records Presents: “Regalando Todo” of Monterrey band Los Mundos

Los Mundos Catthis

Directly from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Los Mundos

Releases “Regalando Todo”, a collection of decisive covers in Spanish, with music that has influenced the band’s musical career

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Free Download Now:

Cumpleaños (“Birthday” by The Jesus and Mary Chain) and Sonido de Confusión (“Sound of Confusion” by Spacemen 3)

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Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles, CA. Friday, January 25, 2013. Independent label SourPop Records (Mexico) kicks off 2013 with new music and meeting every challenge. 

In a completely original feat in the music market, the label will release six singles, free downloads in three free installments that together make up the “Regalando Todo” EP (“Giving Everything Away”). 

Click here to download the beginning of this new approach, the first double Sided-A, of the songs “Cumpleaños” [Birthday] and “Sonidos de Confusión” [Sounds of Confusion]: 

This is a collection of 12 covers from decisively influential bands that have carved the sound of Monterrey band “Sonido Los Mundos”, all interpreted in Spanish, and due out this summer. 

The album “Regalando Todo” includes Actitud (“Attitude” from Misfits), Cumpleaños (“Birthday” from The Jesus and Mary Chain), Aquí Voy (“Here I go” from Syd Barret), Sonido de Confusión (“Sound of confusion” from Spacemen 3), Labios de Molly (“Molly’s lips” from The Vaselines) and Todo lo que quiero Hacer (“All I want to do” from The Beach Boys). 

Since 2000, built from a passion for music that transformed into a personal quest, gave way to the inception of  SourPop Records an indie label headquarter in Mexico City ( headed by Rene Zemog) and in Los Angeles (headed by Mariluz Gonzalez), with one goal in mind: to showcase new music from the United States, Mexico, South America and Central America. 

SourPop Record’s sound represents and reflects the varied spectrum of the new generation of bicultural youth who are searching for fresh sounds outside of the mainstream.





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