Rosa is a bouquet of melodies and rhythms that touch upon the themes of love, infatuation, loss and family.

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Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles, CA. April 2023. Singer-songwriter Jessica Medina presents her latest EP Rosa, a tribute to the powerful women who have mentored her throughout her life.

A bouquet of melodies and rhythms which reflect Jessica’s Caribbean, jazz and soul roots, Rosa was arranged and produced by Janina Rosado (Juan Luis Guerra). The EP features originals by Jessica as well as compositions by Alex Cuba, Pavel Nunez and Juan Jose Hernandez (Gilberto Santa Rosa). The EP also includes a trap/bachata version of an Elton John classic.

“Rosa is an EP that was exciting to make as I delve into rhythms that were the soundtrack to my upbringing. We recorded during the Pandemic in Santo Domingo.  Working with Janina was enriching as I learned more about the specifics of Antillean musicality thru each song’s rhythmic phrasing and I feel the sound has a certain sensibility that only a women can offer. Rosa helped me grow as a songwriter as well and I am grateful for each and every person who collaborated with me on it.  It completes the trilogy of colors in my albums. Rosa fearlessly celebrates all the facets of life and love. “

“Ámame” was written by Medina during the pandemic while she engulfed herself in songwriting workshops and sessions. It centers on the idea of an elderly couple that argues and reconciles after realizing that so much time and effort can’t go in vain. Jessica invites us to mend what is important to us, form mutual respect and give each other another chance to love even through challenging times. “Amame” takes us back to the lyrics and sounds of the era of beloved artists such as Beny More, Celia Cruz, Pedro Infante and Los Panchos. This bolero represents the musical transition that Jessica is currently weaving through, moving from a jazz trajectory towards a more tropical and romantic sound.

“Si Vas A Volver”, written by Jessica Medina, Juan Jose Hernandez and Manuel Zabala, is a flirty bilingual merengue that plays on the theme of giving a lover a second chance. The song also includes elements of vallenato.

 “Locura”, written by Alex Cuba, features Merengue and Samba elements and dives deep into Medina’s Dominican and Puerto Rican roots as well as different types of love from a woman’s perspective.

“Morir Soñando”, which happens to be a refreshing drink traditionally from the Dominican Republic made of milk and orange juice (similar to an orange creamsicle), was written by Jessica Medina and Leon Yamil and was produced and arranged by Latin Grammy-winner Janina Rosado. The song connects all our senses to the flavors, aromas and emotions of returning to Medina’s ancestral lands.

With “Sorry Seems The Hardest Word”, Jessica Medina helps us dance our blues away. This bachata and trap mélange of Elton John’s timeless song “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” celebrates the rise of Latin music worldwide. This is a song Jessica listened to often on her bedroom radio while growing up in NYC in the 80s while her Dominican mother played bachata and merengue records in their living room. “Sorry” features the legendary Dominican bachata guitarist Martires de Leon and has a music video was filmed in Mexico City.

“De Raiz”, written by Medina and Pavel Nunez, takes listeners through the process of dementia and grief. The song captures the importance of preserving our parent’s legacy and memories through storytelling and remembering one’s roots. “De Raiz” is especially personal to Medina.

About Jessica Medina:
Born in New York City to a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father, Jessica Medina absorbed a lifetime of musical roots from an early age. The singer-songwriter studied jazz at Hunter College in New York City before pursuing her solo career.

Jessica Medina broke barriers with her previous single “Back to Black”. Medina approaches this emblematic song by Amy Winehouse from a completely new perspective.

Constantly taking risks and breaking barriers that the music industry imposes on language, Medina offers bilingual lyrics while attracting a new generation of “Latinx” fans.

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