Rising rap artist Imgonefishing grabs the attention of Cannes award winning filmmaker Carlos Alberto Hurtado for his latest music video.

Rising rap artist Imgonefishing grabs the attention of Cannes award winning filmmaker Carlos Alberto Hurtado for his latest music video.

The music video for ‘Double Life’ set for release

Thursday, December 21, 2023.


Featuring competitive ballroom dancers Nikolas Constantine and Ukrainian war refugee Kateryna Osminina 

Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles, CA. December 2023. – Imgonefishing, the rising young rap and hip hop artist from San Diego teams up with multi-award winning Carlos Alberto Hurtado on the music video for ‘Double Life,’ the world premiere of which is December 21, 2023.

Watch video “Double Life” https://youtu.be/fX_HTADPB1E?si=iAf2FKfhn0R0fZu7

Featured in the ‘Double Life’ music video are competitive ballroom dancers Nikolas Constantine and Kateryna Osminina, the latter a refugee from war torn Ukrain.

The viewer is instantly drawn into the ‘Double Live’ video, captivated from beginning to end by Imgonefishings triumphant lyrics, the steaming jazz saxophone, the sultry ballroom dance moves all captured in a multicolored dream in sharp dark future psychedelic imagery that has become a calling card of filmmaker Carlos A. Hurtado.

The young San Diego rapper who is a fan of Hurtado’s films states, “I was really impressed by Carlos’ past works, some featuring bolero dancers, some with dreamy water choreography, and even his animated stuff, they all have this beautiful blend of shadows and colors.” Say’s Imgonefishing, “I told Carlos I wanted it all, everything he’s done in the past, even the stuff he’s planning on doing, the ideas he’s shared with me about his future projects, I told him I wanted it all condense into my music video. That’s a huge request, but he nailed it!”   

Hurtado comments on the ease of making the music video. “When I heard the lyrics, they were so relatable, yet boastful, as if they could be stated looking in the mirror as a morning affirmation, or proudly shouted from the stage in front of a packed arena, I just envisioned a faceless Imgonefishing in the shadows so the viewer or listener could place their self in his spotlight.’ Hurtado remarks about Constantine’s and Osminina’s dancing, “when I heard that sax, I instantly envisioned some sexy ballroom dancers bringing the video alive.”

About Imgonefishing

A rising artist from San Diego, Imgonefishing was surrounded by music from an early age. He was exposed to a wide range of genres, from hip-hop to rock, and he quickly fell in love with the power of music to tell stories and evoke emotions. As he got older, Imgonefishing began to experiment with different sounds and styles, blending elements of his favorite artists, including Xavier Wulf, XXXTentacion, Mac Miller, and Lil Peep, to create something unique and entirely his own. He drew inspiration from the world around him, crafting lyrics that spoke to the struggles and triumphs of everyday life. With his eclectic sound, and infectious energy, he has captivated audiences both online and in person. And with his relatable lyrics and catchy melodies he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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About the Dancers

Kateryna Osminina, born in Melitipol Ukraine, is professional dancer/teacher. A repeated champion of Ukraine, Kateryna took part in many international competitions. At the moment she is a member of the WDC organization and holds a certificate for master of sports in Ballroom Dancing.

Nikolas Constantine, born and raised in Los Angeles California, started his dance training at the age of nine years old in Classical Ballet and Latin Ballroom dance. Nikolas also trained in Kyiv ballet school, is a United States National Finalist in U21 Latin category and the duo take part in many international competitions.

About Director Carlos Alberto Hurtado

Carlos Hurtado is a Mexican American, Cannes Film Festival/American Pavilion award-winner (Hollygrove) whose work has been featured on ABC, CNN, Univision, Azteca, Telemundo, Spectrum News, Playboy Radio, LATV, Moviemaker Magazine, Estrella TV and Alegría Magazine.

His filmmaking career has amassed over 200 Nominations from National & International film festivals, and he has won over 63 Awards as a Director. Carlos was selected in 2014 as one of the Top 200 directors’ finalists for the HBO show “Project Greenlight” [from executive producers Ben Affleck & Matt Damon].

In 2020, Carlos was selected as a Finalist from over 700 applications for the Commercial Directors Diversity Program CDDP @cddprogram. In 2021, Carlos was awarded a Directing contract to direct a feature length movie based on a script that had previous won the Academy Nicholl Fellowship Screening Award. Shortly after, he was signed by APA talent agency which is one of the top 10 talent agencies in the world.

While the awards, recognition, and continued prosperity are well worth celebrating, Carlos Hurtado is most rewarded when he can share his talent for filmmaking with community-based organizations and the amazing people they serve. http://carloshurtadofilms.com/.

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