Regional Mexican music stars IMAN release new single “Ilogico Amor”

Regional Mexican music stars IMAN release new single “Ilogico Amor”

Creators of the new sub genre ‘Latin Regional Mexican’


Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles. May 4, 2010. With a career that spans 12 years, IMAN, ‘the group that attracts your heart’, continues to offer fresh sounds within the competitive Regional Mexican music genre. Adding to their repertoire even further, this time the group has created a new sub genre entitled ‘Latin Regional Mexican’, which is showcased for the first time via their new single titled “Ilogico Amor” (Illogical Love).  

IMAN is betting on the creation of a Regional Mexican sub genre with the intention of opening their music and that of other artists to new markets.

With that in mind, the release of their single, “Ilógico Amor”, will be available in three different versions: Latin Regional Mexican, Bilingual/Rap Edit, and Dance Mix.

“Ilogico Amor” is a song penned by the popular composer Rey Rodriguez, and a single off IMAN’s forthcoming album “3 AM Special Edition”, set to be released in USA on July 20, 2010. 

–  “Illogico Amor” LRM ‘Latin Regional Mexican’

This version has accordion, “bajo sexto” mixed with traditional Latin rhythms like Spanish guitar, bongos (Puerto Rico), and Guacharaca (Colombia).

“Illogico Amor” Rap edit

In this version, IMAN shows support of new music by featuring a collaboration with innovative Southern Texas rapper Big-E Eli, resulting in an edit suitable for bilingual young people who are fans of the rap genre and European audiences like that of Spain, a culture that is open to this genre. 

– “Illogico Amor” / Dance Mix

A club version for DJs, with techno sounds created by the renown club circuit producer Gabriel Zavala.

“3 am Special Edition” is an album featuring a total of 15 songs recorded at IMAN’s recording studios in Alto Bonito, Texas (near McAllen).

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Contact: Mariluz González/Vesper Public Relations/ (818) 667-6403

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