Phoenix, AZ-based duo Alan y Roberto release the new corrido “El Piscador” (“The Farmworker”)

Phoenix, AZ-based duo Alan y Roberto release the new corrido “El Piscador” (“The Farmworker”)

 Dedicated to all the farmworkers who have been on the frontlines during the pandemic 


Vesper Public Relations – Los Angeles, CA (August 2020) Brothers Alan Y Roberto (Alan Lara Meza and Roberto Lara Meza) have released their newest single “El Piscador” (“The Farmworker”). Featuring the raw sound of sierreño style guitars, the tololoche (upright bass) and a waltz rhythm, “El Piscador” is a tribute to all the farmworkers who have been working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Farmworkers have been hit especially hard by COVID-19. Many other outbreaks have occurred at commercial farming sites. Due to this high risk of infection as well as the other sacrifices farmworkers daily make, these young brothers originally from the Mexican state of Sinaloa and based out of Phoenix, Arizona send a message of gratitude to these essential workers with this new corrido.

Listen to “El Piscador”

Due to the pandemic, Alan y Roberto this year have taken on the task of releasing songs dedicated to essential workers, spreading the importance of their contributions to the country.

“El Trailero” is a tribute to all the men and women who dedicate themselves to navigating the freeways in their commercial trucks, leaving their own families at home in order to bring essential goods to other families throughout the country. The song is especially dedicated to a friend of Alan y Roberto named Rogelio García who drives a truck, a job that has become crucial in this new normal. Rogelio is also featured in a music video for the single.

Watch the “El Trailero” video:

“El Corrido Del Coronavirus,” explores the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on society and is dedicated to all people that have been effected by the #COVID19 pandemic (#Coronavirus). The single also comes with a music video, which shows Alan y Roberto and their backing musicians performing in a recording studio.


Watch the “El Corrido Del Coronavirus” video:


Yo soy quien se levanta a las 3 de la mañana a preparar mi lonche porque es dura la jornada pues trabajo en el campo piscando y no descanso para que en tu mesa nunca te falte un bocado 

“I’m the kind of person who wakes up at 3 in the morning to prepare my lunch because the workday is difficult. I labor in the fields harvesting crops and I never rest in order that you always have bread on your table.” 

Levantando la cosecha que nos da la noble tierra con esfuerzo y sacrificio cumplimos con la tarea bajo los rayos del sol nos abraza con sudor ya la tarde se marchó mañana sigue la labor 

“Harvesting the crops that our noble earth has given us, with strength and sacrifice we do our work below the rays of the sun which embrace us with sweat. The afternoon is complete, tomorrow the work continues.” 

Las manos encallecidas pero yo me aguanto todo, todo esto es por mi familia la razón de mi alegría las aves vienen y van y a veces no las puedes alcanzar mi DIOS te trae Buenas Nuevas todo esto cambiará. 

“My hands are calloused, yet I endure. This is for my family, the source of my happiness. Just as birds come and go, sometimes we’re not able to endure this treatment. God will bring us the good news that everything one day will change.” 

Es un trabajo pesado y no muy bien pagado la necesidad te orilla a buscarle en esta vida somos los grandes cimientos y no hay reconocimiento bien plantada la semilla germinara algún día. 

“This work is difficult and we’re not well paid. Necessity forces us to do this. We are the foundation of this country and yet we receive no recognition. Well planted, the seed will germinate one day.”


Sixteen years ago, Alán y Roberto began their musical dreams. Dividing their time between working as taqueros, performing and composing songs, little by little they began to advance. 

With a triumphant and confident attitude, word about the duo began to spread in the United States. Featuring the traditional sound of guitars with tololoche and inspired by the likes of Los Tigres del Norte, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Chalino Sánchez, and Bertin y Lalo, Alan y Roberto continue making strides in their musical careers and finding a special place in the heart of the public.


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