Online Corrido Music Phenomenon EL FANTASMA (The Phantom)

Online Corrido Music Phenomenon EL FANTASMA (The Phantom)

The  King of  Underground /Regional Mexican

Premieres new video “VENGO ACLARAR” on Tidal

Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles. June 2017. The proclaimed ‘King of  the Underground’ EL FANTASMA, an online sensation in the Regional Mexican music world premiere chooses Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service to release his new single “VENGO ACLARAR.” In addition EL FANTASMA has created a special playlist of his favorite corridos (narrative ballads/Latin American folk songs).

EL FANTASAMA has risen to the echelons of the music charts, stirring up a social media phenomenon with his unique style of ‘corridos” such as “Mi 45” which has garnered over a million views on You Tube.

Originally from Las Cañas Durango, Mexico EL FANTASMA began singing in the streets of his home state, and upon arriving to Southern California, worked as a gardener cutting trees before reaching stardom.

EL FANTASMA’s discography includes 4 albums: 1 “Equipo Armado” 2 “En Vivo Desde Badiraguato” 3 “Pa’ Los Recuerdos Vol.1 & current album  “Vengo a Aclarar.”

EL FANTASMA is currently signed to Regional Mexican indie label Afin Arte Music.

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Instagram: ElFantasmaOficial

Facebook: ElFantasmaOficial

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