#MexicanHipHop #C-KAN one of the most successful Mexican Rap and Hip-Hop artist with 40 official videos and million views releases new album in March ““Clasificación C, Vol. 2”

#MexicanHipHop #C-KAN one of the most successful Mexican Rap and Hip-Hop artist with 40 official videos and million views releases new album in March ““Clasificación C, Vol. 2”

(C-KAN brings the Mexican Hip Hop movement to the U.S.A.) 

Famous Mexican Rapper arrives to conquer lovers of the Urbano genre in the United States 

C-KAN is considered to be one of the most successful Mexican Rap and Hip-Hop artist with 40 official videos and million views 

Successful performances on the popular Mexican program “Sabadazo TV” 

Stellar collaborations with MC Magic, Lil Rob, Chingo Bling, Sporty Loco, Don Dinero from Cuba, Charlie Cruz and Damon Reel, as well as sharing the stage with Larry Hernández, Jowell y Randy and Gocho from Puerto Rico among others


Video singles off “Clasificación C, Vol. 2”: 

No Todo Lo Que Brilla Es Oro feat. Cuban Rapper Don Dinero


Por El Mexicano feat. Sporty Loco


Yo Soy Quien Soy feat. T-López



Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles. February 18, 2015. Lead by the fame that he has obtained in his country, where he participated in massive international events such as Fiestas de Octubre in Guadalajara, Mexico, the Negro Blue Colash festival and I Love Hip Hop Festival, among others, C-Kan comes to United States for the first time ready to make his mark on the Rap and Hip-Hop world with a new album to be released on March 17th, 2015 in Mexico and United States.


His new production, “Clasificación C, Vol. 2”, includes guest performances by Don Dinero, Charlie Cruz (whose tropical album reached Billboard’s first place), T Lopez, Rigo Luna, Leiden, Damon Reel, MC Magic, Pipo Ti, Alika, Mr. Shadow, Sporty Loco and Wambo El Mafia Boy; and was produced by Alexander Puente, Maxo and Maestro Alex, D. Salas, Sinima and Cricket Productions.


Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, José Luis Maldonado Ramos, best known as C-Kan “el Perro de la C”, impressed fans during his first large local performance, becoming a major hit in the urbano genre in 2004 when he was only 17 years old. The impact he made among fans and in the urban music scene led to his first, self-produced album, “Chikano”, and would later transcend his own success with “Lado Obscuro” being his first “mixtape” as a solo artist with “Dejame Afinar los Gallos”, which opened doors to the beginning of his burgeoning career becoming one of the most important rappers of his country.


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Among his most important performances in major festivals are “Revolution Fest”, “Planeta Hip Hop”, “Los Reyes Del Barrio” and “I Love Hip Hop” that put him at the top as The Revealed Hip Hop Artist of the Year 2012.

He has also been invited onto renowned, national high-ranking shows such as “Sabadazo TV”, where he’s had two spectacular performances.

C-Kan at Sabadazo 2014

 C-Kan at Sabazo 2013


His fame has not only been achieved through solo performances, but he has also captivated millions of fans through his social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook with more than 2 million followers and VEVO with more than 600 thousand subscribers. His album, “Voy por el Sueño de Muchos”, reached first place in digital sales in 2012 under the Latinos, Hip-Hop/Rap and Lo Mas Hot categories on iTunes in Mexico.

C-Kan currently has more than 40 official videos on VEVO. One of them being “Vuelve” which currently has over 40 million views. Total video views have surpassed 251,000,000 with more than 750,000 followers. His YouTube channel boasts 163,000 followers and over 65, 000,000 views.

Throughout his career, C-Kan has recorded and collaborated with national and international artists as: Sporty Loco, T Lopez, Kinto Sol, Arianna Puello, MC Magic, Lil Rob, Chingo Bling, Big Metra, Zmoky (3BallMTY), MC Davo, Santa RM, Don Kalavera, Don Aero, Rigo Luna and Chino Nino, among others.

Additionally sharing the stage with international performers such as: Larry Hernández, Morodo (Spain), Cultura Profetica (Puerto Rico) , Panteon Rococo (Mexico), Alika (Uruguay), Arianna Puello (Spain), Cartel de Santa (Mexico), Sinful El Pecador (United States), Control Machete (Mexico), Cosculluela (Puerto Rico), Ñengo Flow (Puerto Rico), Jowell y Randy (Puerto Rico), Plan B (Puerto Rico), Gocho (Puerto Rico), PsychoRealm (United States).


His discography is composed of successful productions such as:

Chikano / 2004

LadoObscuro /

Get Money /

DejemeAfinar los Gallos / 2006

La Rebelion de un Sueño /

C-Klan / 2008

La Clica de los Perros /

De Ahora en Adelante /

We Up In Diz /

Sentimientos y Negocios /

Voy por el Sueño de Muchos / 2012

Clasificacion C Vol. 1 / 2014


Links of some of his most listened hits:


Audio Links:


Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/ckan98/yo-soy-quien-soy-feat-t-lopez



Video Links:

Latinos Unidos feat. Lil Rob ( San Diego) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA0Adf0z5jQ

Chingo Bling – Kush & Buchanan’s Remix ft. C-Kan ( Texas)




Guerreros ft. Iluminatik


“Yo Soy Quien Soy”, with T López y

Video http://youtu.be/9kxYAVLO__0

Un Par De Balas (Explicit) http://youtu.be/A6iJsZoRO64

Viajando En Una Nube feat. Pipo Ti http://youtu.be/25vE9TFFKBE

Cuando El Amor Se Acaba feat. Prynce El Armamento http://youtu.be/cm3FdYbUvng

Quiero Que Sepas feat. MC Magic http://youtu.be/ZD4zxx-Ep64

Déjame Conocerte http://youtu.be/L1jte4Kckgw 

(One of his first creations with 20 million views)

Vuelve feat. MC Davo (Warner Artist) http://youtu.be/7bPAJgVRzSI (One of his first creations recorded with 40 million views)


Urbano Fest Vol. 2 http://youtu.be/qnUSsfdzf58 (Annual Festival, reaching more than 28 thousand in capacity.


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