Maria Jose releases “La Ocasión Para Amarnos”

Maria Jose releases “La Ocasión Para Amarnos”

{U.S. Premiere}


“La Ocasión Para Amarnos” 

First Single of her New Album

“Amante De Lo Bueno”

Already Gold & Platinum in Mexico

Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles. April 5th, 2011. Maria Jose releases “La Ocasión Para Amarnos”, first single of her third solo album “Amante De Lo Bueno” which is set for U.S. releases end of spring 2011.

Click to listen “La Ocasión Para Amarnos”

“La Ocasión Para Amarnos” became one of the great hits of the legendary Mexican singer Daniela Romo in 1983 and now 27 years later, Maria Jose embraces this song’s passion, adding her own touch in a remake of geared towards the new generations. “Amante De Lo Bueno”, became an instant sales hit in Mexico reaching Gold status in the first month of its release and subsequently Platinum.

 “La Ocasión Para Amarnos” will be available on iTunes.


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