Levi PonceIs ready with paint and brush to create a new mural in San Fernando Valley

Levi PonceIs ready with paint and brush to create a new mural in San Fernando Valley

{Continues to Inspire the Cultural Community Collaboration}

Levi Ponce: The New Generation of Latino Muralists

Is ready with paint and brush to create a new mural in San Fernando Valley 

December 26th, 2013 

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Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles, CA. (December 17, 2013) — More than simply embellishing the streets of San Fernando Valley, his murals arefilled and painted with unity and cultural meaning. Now the artist and muralist, Levi Ponce, is ready once again to create a new mural in the San Fernando Valley.

Always carrying the artistic passion, Levi Ponce is ready with paint and brush to create the new 45 foot tall by 30 foot wide mural on December 26that ArTES (Art, Theater and Entertainment) High School, a school supporting local artistic talent located on a campus where four high schools unite to form The Cesar Chavez Learning Academies.John, the school principal, declared of Levi,“He’s awesome!”

Levi Poncedecided to start the project this month with the support provided by the school, however, completion of the mural will requireadditional fundsbecause“it’s absolutely minimal (bare bones) budget at this point,” says Levi.

Levi Ponce wasborn in Pacoima, California where the visual artist picked up a paintbrush as a child, helping his Salvadorian father paint walls. It was his father’s literal colorful and vibrant occupation that nurtured Ponce’s own art and later led to a Bachelor’s Degree in Art with a concentration in animation and, now, a full-fledged career that boasts an entire mile of mural work along Van Nuys Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Ponce is passionate about putting Pacoima on the map through this work and his efforts aren’t going unnoticed; his canvas work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum as well as private galleries.

Already a media darling, the muralist has been featured on The Daily News, Fox Good Day LA, Univision, EFE, La Opinion and various other media. 

Fox Good Day L.A.


Fox Studio LA


EFE News Wire


KCET ‘Departures”


The Daily News


The Daily News


Nonetheless, the most significant self-funded labor of love has been the artist’s local mural work, totaling 12 along Van Nuys Blvd in the East San Fernando Valley, which he beganindependently and later evolved into community projects.

This aspect of his work, the evolution from personal passion to community collaboration, is perhaps Ponce’s proudest achievement. Throughoutthe mural process he has been joined by other artists as well as community members without artistic experience who found themselves drawn to the art and picked up a brush to add their own color and lines. To Ponce, the community coming together in the name of art and culture is the biggest reward he can get for his purposeful labor.

Mural (locations) by Levi Ponce and community members:

A. Lady of the Valley: Van Nuys Boulevard and Arleta Avenue (on the right-hand side if traveling west toward Arleta)

B. Born in the East Valley: Van Nuys Boulevard and Bartee Avenue (on Bartee Avenue, left-hand side if traveling west toward Bartee)

C. The Day the Music Died: Van Nuys Boulevard and Telfair Avenue (next to Bobo’s Restaurant)

D. Danny Trejo: Van Nuys Boulevard and Tamarack Avenue (on the other side of theMona Lisa)

E. Pacoima Art Revolution: Van Nuys Boulevard and Tamarck Avenue (on the other side of Danny Trejo)

F. Pacoima Kahlo: Van Nuys Boulevard and Ralston Avenue (on the right-hand side if traveling east on Van Nuys Boulevard)

G. Girl with Hoop Earring: Van Nuys Boulevard and Lev Avenue (right before Lady of the Valley if traveling west, on Lev)

H. Pacoima Neighborhood Mural: Laurel Canyon and Hoyt Street (right before Van Nuys Boulevard if traveling north on Laurel Canyon)

Visit: www.leviponce.com


(818) 667-6403

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