GUSTAVO GALINDO Premiered “Entre La Ciudad y El Mar” LIVE at KPFK 90.7 FM

GUSTAVO GALINDO Premiered “Entre La Ciudad y El Mar” LIVE at KPFK 90.7 FM


Premiered his album “Entre La Ciudad y El Mar” in concert from the studios of “Travel Tips for Aztlan” KPFK 90.7 FM

LIVE Concert transmited from Santa Barbara through San Diego and internationally through

KPFK – Travel Tips For Aztlan, and the audience experienced last Saturday, April 9th, a unique concert from the Los Angeles young songwriter Gustavo Galindo who premiered his songs of his debuted album “Entre La Ciudad y El Mar” sharing alternative sounds along his friends of the band Josh in the guitar, Brian “The Zizzle”, and Luke in the base, who jammed great alternative sentimental songs such as “Canción” “Barco” “Te Perdí”, “Amor De Altamar”, “Llévate”, “La Ciudad”, “Paracaídas”, “Buscándote”, “Amor” and more.

After this great live show, Gustavo along his talented friends, shared some fun annectodes and advenures experienced when they met, giving to his audience travel tips such as to travel light and improvise taking all the best from bad situations.

With this positive minded Gustavo Galindo and his great talent, KPFK ….. and the audience was pleased to have him live and wishing him the best of his career to this young songwriter.

Track Listing (April 9, 2011)

Gaby Moreno “Y Tu Sombra”

Madame Recamier “Canción”

Taller Sur “A La Vida”

White Stripes “Effect & Cause”

David Garza “Dead French Dudes”

Chetes “Fuera De Lugar”

Mr. Loco (Nacho Libre) “Papas”

Zizek “Sonido Del Príncipe”

Lost Acapulco “Las Brisas”

Conjunto Nueva Ola “Cumbia Town”

Chico Trujillo “Loca”

La Santa Cecilia “Vengo”

‘Travel Tips For Aztlán’ with 16 years in the air, has become an oficial stop for the bands and artista of all musical generations of rock. Important and famous groups such as Café Tacvba, Los Aterciopelados, Suave As Hell, Pastilla, Victimas de Doctor Cerebro, and many more has visit this space that has been a door open and impulsive of Rock in Spanish in the United States.

In 1995, Mark Torres, founder, began the arduous task of bringing the public new proposals of rock in Spanish in a city where those years, Latin rock had not yet representativeness or the thousands of followers with which it currently has.

The program has a strong partnership that has enriched this hard work with three people like Mariluz González who joined the team in 2008 and has a successful career within the music industry, also owns the Latin Alternative SourPop Records label and Vesper PR agency, joining the team is GOMEZ who is a leading operator of major musical projects such as Monte Carlo 76, Slowrider, among many others, also working along since 2007 is Mari G who is recognized for her record in alternative music trajectory and co-host.

KPFK- Travel Tips For Aztlan 90.7 FM Los Angeles, 98.7 FM Santa Bárbara, 99.5 China Lake, & 93.7 North San Diego is aired every Saturday from 10 p.m.-12:00 a.m. with musical variety and live concerts for you.

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