Exclusive musical video release on Telemundo Network’s 360 Platform: VOZ DE MANDO’s music video “Soldado Latinoamericano”

Exclusive musical video release on Telemundo Network’s 360 Platform: VOZ DE MANDO’s music video “Soldado Latinoamericano”

Tuesday, August 29 on ‘Al Rojo Vivo’

4:00 pm (PST) 3:00 pm (CST) followed by ‘Titulares y Mas’


Wednesday, August 30 during Un Nuevo Día, Suelta La Sopa, Acceso Total and NBC Universo 

Sending a message of unity, VOZ DE MANDO releases music video for

“Soldado Latinoamericano”

(Latin American Soldier) 

Special participation of DACA students & War Veteran  

Leading role Yareli Arizmendi (Like Water for Chocolate and A Day Without a Mexican) and Johnny Ortiz (McFarland USA) 

Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles, California. August del 2017 – With a powerful message of unity and support for the immigrant community, featuring DACA students as special guests & War Veteran VOZ DE MANDO, premieres exclusively the video “Soldado Latinoamericano,” on Telemundo’s 360 international platform reserved for super star recording artists.

This two-day promotion starts off today on ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, followed by “Titulares y Mas” late night and August 30, on “Un Nuevo Dia,” “Suelta La Sopa,” “Acceso Total” in the following markets (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco, Tucson & McAllen), NBC Universo, & the networks social media.

Using the best technology in film, the video highlights the emotive situations when a young soldier decides to join the army, and the difficult moments when his parents and sister had to accept his decision and let him go to battle.

This song has gained popularity, reaching the top of the charts and also became an immigrant’s rights anthem. For that reason special cameos from DACA “Dreamer” students participated on this film. Johnny Ortiz (Disney’s McFarland USA, and ABC’s American Crime) takes on the role of the young soldier. Actress Yareli Arizmendi (Like Water for Chocolate, A Day Without a Mexican) is the soldier’s mother. Javier Ronceros plays the soldier’s father, and the soldier’s sister is played by Kylie Breen Hurtado.

The role of the second soldier was given to Rigel Yaluk. Actor Enrique Gutierrez plays the role of priest and Carlos Hurtado Zuñiga is the soldier’s army comrade who highlights the lead soldier’s sacrifice during battle and hands the “burial flag” to the soldier’s family.

The film included the acting of a true WWII veteran, Albert Morales, 97 years old from East Los Angeles.

For three days the founders of the group, Miguel and Jorge Gaxiola, along with Adrián González and Eduardo González, filmed this heartfelt video that narrates the story of Latino soldiers taking the decision to join the army to fight for their country and protect their families.

The video’s script was written and directed by Mexican American Director Carlos A. Hurtado, winner of the CANNES film festival and produced by EvoqMedia with producer José Mayorquín, a 4 -time Emmy winner.

The film took place during three days in different areas of South California: Vásquez Rocks, the emblematic McArthur Park, City Hall and the City of Los Angeles.

VOZ DE MANDO was the first group of the Regional Mexican genre to raise their voice to support Latin immigrants that today live in fear in the United States. The group united their efforts with Concejo de Federaciones Mexicanas de Norteamérica (COFEM) Mexican Federations Council of North America to donate to this community funds through the sales of the song “Soldado Latinoamericano” and created scholarships to DACA students.

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