David Girón Gears Up Campaign for 52nd Assembly District Seat During Early Voting

David Girón Gears Up Campaign for 52nd Assembly District Seat During Early Voting

Advocating for the creation of economic opportunities, equity and community enrichment.

Ballots now being mailed to all voters; Latinos are called to action

Vesper Public Relations, Los Angeles, CA February 2024- David Girón, candidate for the 52nd Assembly District, remains steadfastly committed to ensuring Latinos and working families are represented in Sacramento. With all registered voters now receiving a ballot directly in their mailbox, now is the time to unify support for Girón to lead the historically underrepresented Latino communities of the 52nd Assembly District in the California State Assembly.

Girón is a native Angeleno and the son of Central American refugees. His mother, a janitor for over 35 years and a founding member of the Janitors’ Union, made sure that he went to school, got a good job and learned to stand up for family and community. A lifelong renter, he attended public schools and worked multiple jobs to pay for college.

Girón comments, “I was raised by my amazing, hardworking single mother, who taught me the values of personal responsibility, community and justice. I worked all throughout college and began my career at Los Angeles City Hall because I wanted to create policy that was in alignment with the core values I learned from my mother. My professional life has been a reflection of these values, which are primarily focused on creating economic opportunity, promoting equity and community service.

“I know that the climate crisis needs urgent leadership that is bold and strategic. The issues of housing and mobility are of personal interest to me as a lifelong renter and someone who nearly lost an arm in a vehicle collision. I will go to Sacramento to represent this region on these issues and move California forward.”

David is the only candidate endorsed by the Sierra Club, the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States, which started in California. David is an environmental and budgetary policy expert who has written, implemented and funded laws to raise the minimum wage, create jobs and protect tenants. Over the past decade, he has also carried out legislation for 100% carbon-free energy, improved infrastructure – including Electric Vehicles and protected bike lanes – and expanding affordable housing.

“Nobody should suffer additional harm from climate change because of where they live or work. It’s critical that more vulnerable populations have the highest levels of climate mitigation strategies. We are experiencing extreme changes in our environment that impact some communities more than others. Sacramento must have a voice for them and I will be that voice,” notes Girón.

Girón is the only candidate in the race to have the support of firefighters unions, including firefighters in Los Angeles County, Los Angeles City and Glendale. Additionally, Girón has the support of the California Professional Firefighters and CalFire Local 2881, which represent firefighters and emergency responders throughout California.

Girón remarks, “Having the support of firefighters really means a lot to me because they are the front-line, they are the people we call in a moment of need, and I know they believe in me. Public safety is critical to everyone and more than ever. We need to ensure our families are safe while reducing response times during an emergency.’’

Girón’s other endorsements include SEIU California, the California School Employee Association, Painters And Allied Trades – District Council 36, LA Council President Paul Krekorian, Glendale Mayor Dan Brotman, Glendale City Clerk Dr. Suzie Abajian, the Glendale Democratic Club, Feminists in Action, and hundreds of community based endorsements.


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