Chichen Itzá Restaurant presents new cookbook, Spanish ed. “Sabores yucatecos: Un recorrido culinario a Yucatán”

Chichen Itzá Restaurant presents new cookbook, Spanish ed. “Sabores yucatecos: Un recorrido culinario a Yucatán”

Chichen Itzá Restaurant and El Mercado La Paloma  

Invite you to discover the wonders of Yucatán’s cuisine 

Presenting the Spanish-language edition of the book: 

“Sabores yucatecos: Un recorrido culinario a Yucatán”

 Chichen Itza Book 2014

From the chef/owner of one of the best restaurants in town as named by L.A. Times food critic Jonathan Gold  

Vesper Public Relations.Los Angeles, CA–February, 2014–The renowned restaurant in Los Angeles, Chichen Itzá, located at El Mercado La Paloma, invites the media to attend a special event to enjoy the flavors and success of the Spanish-language cookbook, Saboresyucatecos: Un recorridoculinario a Yucatán’ (WPR Books: Comida, 2014) by Chef Gilberto Cetina, Katharine A. Díaz and Gilberto Cetina, Jr. 

The Media Tasting will take place on Friday, April 25 at 1p.m. at Chichén Itzá Restaurant located in Mercado La Paloma at 3655 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007. 

After the successful publication of Saboresyucatecos: A Culinary Tour of the Yucatán(WPR Books: Comida, 2012), the first cookbook in English on Yucatecan cuisine by a chef from the Yucatán, the Spanish-languageedition is now available so that everyone can experience cooking delicious Yucatán cuisine. The acclaimed cookbook won the First Place Award for Best Cookbook in the Latino Literacy Now’s 2013 International Latino Book Awards and boasts more than 120 mouthwatering photographs that also earned it second place in Best Use of Photos Inside the Book category.  

With over 140 recipes with easy-to-follow instructions, the book beautifully highlights the food and culture of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. A sampling of Yucatán’s culinary style will be presented right out of the cookbook to highlight this media event, with review copies of the cookbook being made available. 

Saboresyucatecos: Un recorridoculinario a Yucatáncaptures the essence of a unique cuisine with an allure that matches the mystique of the ancient Maya with an infusion of Spanish, Middle Eastern and Dutch influences, making it one of Mexico’s most exciting regional cuisines. 

The chef/co-author Gilberto Cetina is the award-winning owner of ChichénItzáRestaurant in Los Angeles, whose cooking has been hailed by food critics in such publications asGQ, Travel and LeisureandHispanic magazines, as well as on radio and television and by foodiesand other restaurateurs. 

Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer, Jonathan Gold of the L.A. Times, has often ravedabout the food at Chichén Itzá Restaurant, writing: “. . . the restaurant that keeps bringing me back . . . is Chichén Itzá, which is probably the most serious Yucatecan restaurant in town . . . ” 

About the cookbook, Linda Mensinga from Great Taste Magazine,wrote: “Readers will find . . . recipes, most with colorful photos, written simply and clearly enough for anyone to make. Fun trivia such as allspice being one of the few New World native spices is scattered throughout the book.” 

While Barbara Hansen from L.A. Weekly, noted: “Sabores is filled with enticing photographs and so much detail about how to prepare each dish that you can’t go wrong. . . . The recipes are classic, not chef improvisations, and they are authentic rather than simplified for American households.”  

“I am very proud to present this cookbook that delivers the tastes of my homeland—the Yucatán,” says Chef Cetina. “Now that it is in Spanish, there is no reason not to prepare Yucatecan dishes at home. Readers will learn, for example, that in the Yucatán, complex spice mixes called recados are used to add layers of flavors to traditional dishes—and they are easy to make. ”

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