Cannes Award Winning Filmmaker Carlos A. Hurtado receives his 201st official Film Festival selection

Cannes Award Winning Filmmaker Carlos A. Hurtado receives his 201st official Film Festival selection

Carlos A. Hurtado’s “Sabor a Mi” (a song by David Lawrence son of the late Eydie Gorme)

Nominated for Best Music Video


February 20 – 29, 2020 New York City


This on the heels of Hurtado’s Best Story award for “CRY”


Adding to Hurtado’s Career Collection of 63 Awards and over 200 Nominations

Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles, CA. January 2020. –  Carlos A. Hurtado, a multi award winning Mexican-American director filmmaker, has received his 201st official film festival selection. The Winter Film Awards International Film Festival has nominated Hurtado’s “Sabor a Mi” for Best Music Video. “Sabor a Mi” was a passion project for successful film and TV composer David Lawrence  who chose Carlos A. Hurtado to direct the music video for his re-imagined tribute to his mother 1960’s jazz/pop icon Eydie Gorme who made the song famous. The Winter Film Awards International Film Festival takes place February 20 -29 in New York, NY.

This is just the latest recognition “Carlos A. Hurtado. His fashion film “Cry” has garnered a total of 28 nominations in various festival categories in 2019. “Cry” won Best Story at the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival, Best Cinematography at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival / International Fashion Film Awards (often referred to as the Cannes of fashion film festivals), Best Costume Design at the Seattle Fashion Film Festival and Best Director award at the Croatia Fashion Film Festival.

Hurtado recognizes the importance of being selected for so many film festivals. “Just being selected for any film festival is a great honor, but to be nominated for more than 200 different festival categories leaves me incredibly humbled” says Hurtado. “To actually win 63 times leaves my head spinning” exclaims Hurtado

“Sabor a Mi” music video


Trailer “Cry”



Carlos Hurtado is a Mexican- American Cannes Film Festival / American Pavilion award winner (Hollygrove) whose work has been featured on ABC, CNN, Univision, Azteca, Telemundo, Spectrum News, Playboy radio, LATV, Moviemaker Magazine, Estrella TV and Alegria Magazine. Carlos Hurtado has created promotional material for such well-known brands as Nickelodeon, he’s directed music videos for groups like Latin Grammy nominated Voz de Mando, and his short films have garnered him 63 awards and more than 200 nominations.

Much of Carlos Hurtado’s award winning films are inspired by nonprofit groups which he’s partnered with including Parents Against Cancer / Padres Contra El Cancer. Carlos Hurtado is extremely devoted to his hometown of Los Angeles, CA and often creates films pro bono for nonprofit organizations that serve his community. Time and again Carlos finds in these programs, and the people being served by them the inspiration required creating his award winning films. While the awards, recognition, and continued prosperity are well worth celebrating, Carlos Hurtado is most rewarded when he can share his talent for filmmaking with these wonderful community based organizations and the amazing people they serve.

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