14th Annual Hola Mexico Film Festival presents MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE REVOLUTION

14th Annual Hola Mexico Film Festival presents MY GIRLFRIEND IS THE REVOLUTION

Presented by Toyota


THURSDAY October 6, 2022

FILM: My girlfriend is the revolution (2021)

1hour 44minutes

Director: Marcelino Islas Hernández. Cast: Sofía Islas Herrerías, Ana Valeria Becerril, Edwarda Gurrola, Martha Claudia Moreno.

SYNOPSIS: The year is 1994, and Sofía is about to turn fifteen, but she refuses to have a traditional quinceañera celebration. She has just moved to a new neighborhood, after her parents’ separation, and spends most days bored in the company of her little sister. But everything changes when she meets Eva, a rebellious girl. Thanks to her, Sofía will discover love and the unavoidable heartbreaks that come with it in a journey full of robberies, dreams, and plenty of rock & roll. Growing up, as the two will find out, is inevitable.
TRAILER: https://youtu.be/hbZTSE9D3yY
MUSIC: The film scoring plays a very important role and it was composed by Juan Manuel Torreblanca, a renowned Mexican recording artist. (visit his Instagram)
WHEN: THURSDAY, October 6 at 9:10 PM
WHERE: The Montalbán Theater 1615 Vine St., Los Angeles.


About Hola México Film Festival presented by Toyota: 

Founded in 2008, Hola Mexico Film Festival, the largest Mexican Film Festival outside of Mexico, strives to highlight the best and brightest talents in Mexican cinematography. Spanning comedies, dramas, horror films and documentaries, the festival showcases high quality films in a festive atmosphere in conjunction with exclusive parties and outdoor concerts. Celebrating its 14th edition, Hola Mexico Film Festival will take place during October 2022, offering film enthusiasts a chance to view a variety of significant Mexican films.

Hola México Film Festival is in part sponsored by

Toyota, Hollywood Foreign Press, Warner Media, DCA, and LA Plaza de Cultura Y Artes.

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