Dozens of cities and radio stations were added to the transmission of “El Radioton Nacional de La Esperanza”.

Dozens of cities and radio stations were added to the transmission of “El Radioton Nacional de La Esperanza”.

EL GRAN RADIOTON DE LA ESPERANZA: August 18, 19, and 20, 2011

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Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles, Tuesday, August 2, 2011.- Already becoming a great success, ” Únete Con La Gota de La Vida” ( Foundation’s creation of a chain of radio stations including dozens of cities in the United States, who have come together for the broadcast of “El Gran Radioton Nacional de La Esperanza” (“The Great Radiothon of Hope”), is to be held August 18, 19 and 20, 2011 and transmitted directly from Los Angeles and broadcast to different cities nationwide.

 As an innovative approach, the program brings together the participation of famous and legendary radio personalities that have left their mark on U.S Hispanic radio. The group of radio hosts includes Martha Shalhoub, Pepe Barreto, Gerardo Lorenz, Humberto Luna, and Renan Almendarez Coello, “The Cucuy.” Each host has had enormous success in Latin radio, and each has earned the number one position on their radio programs, but they have also participated in social and humanitarian programs that have allowed them to help those in need during difficult times, such as national emergencies in various Latin countries and other causes within the Hispanic community in the United States.

The Radiothon is produced by UNO Productions, a company located in Los Angeles, California. “It is a great privilege for us to participate in the production of “El Radioton de La Esperanza” stated Luis Medina, President of UNO Productions. “Saving lives is a responsibility and goal in life that everyone must commit themselves to, and this great radiothon will allow us to help meet this goal,” added Medina.

WE Consultants in Los Angeles, California is the company in charge of radio affiliations and of confirming the participation of each station that joins the national radiothon. Stations wishing to join this chain of hope can contact Miguel Diaz via e-mail at or Frank White:

 The purpose of “El Radiotón Nacional de La Esperanza” is to generate awareness and encourage potential bone marrow donors to register to donate to the entity destined for this purpose: Be The Match. This organization serves as a national bank for bone marrow and also serves as an affiliate of the “Únete Con La Gota de la Vida” organization. The radiothon will also raise funds to keep this humanitarian program live and active.

Recently, a press conference was held at FRIDA Restaurant in Los Angeles to announce this important project. Attached please find some photos of this official announcement made by the “Únete Con La Gota de La Vida” organization.

Below is a list of radio stations participating in this monumental event, and the cities where they are located.

SIGUE, a Los Angeles based company with a 15 year history specializing in money transfer services to and from Mexico, Central and South America, is the official sponsor of the National Radiothon of Hope. The company’s contributions include, besides contributions from other organizations, access to a call center for the public during the three days of the radiothon in order to service the donations that will be generated by this event, as well as to have people available via phone to answer questions.

The “Únete Con La Gota de la Vida” foundation has been a humanitarian vehicle for more than 10 years, and has developed a program to secure the donation of bone marrow, successfully boosting the registration of potential bone marrow donors within the Hispanic community in the United States. This was achieved through various promotional activities developed specifically to capture the attention of the Latin community, including the production of the song and video “La Gota de la Vida” (Drop of Life), available on “Únete Con La Gota de la Vida” has raised more than $2 million in funds for the city and has registered thousands of Hispanic donors in the last 10 years, increasing the donor base from less than 2% to close to 10%. The mission of the “Ser El Partido” or “Se El Donante” (“Be The Donor”) program is to establish a system to provide stem cell and bone marrow transplants from non-relatives to patients with leukemia and other serious illnesses.

Click here to watch the special greeting by the historic radio personalities:

Click here to watch a special video: featuring 46 super star recording artists who came together  in support of this cause by recording a song  “La Gota de La Vida” to create awareness amongst the Latino community and around the world to register or join the campaign “Únete Con La Gota de La Vida.”

Radio stations and affiliates, transmitting this great Radioton:

KSUN 1400 Radio Fiesta Phoenix AZ
KGBJ 102.3 Radio Unica Ft. Wayne IN
KBGY 107.5 La Mera Buena Faribault MN
KANR 92.7 Fiesta Wichita KS
KDLR 1550 La Que Buena Columbus OH
KZUP 104.7 La Invasora La Grange NC
WNTS 1590 La Ley Indianapolis IN
WETC 540 La Jefa Raliegh NC
WDUR 1490 La Jefa Durham Hill NC
WSDS 1480 La Explosiva Detroit MI
WQCR 1500 La Jefa Alabaster AL
WZGX 1450 La Jefa Bessemer AL
WJHX 620 La Jefa Lexington AL
KSMM 101.5 La Mexicana Liberal KS
KMML 92.9 La Mexicana Garden City KS
KMRZ 106.7 Mi Raza Superior WY
WWGC 1090 La Doble X Alberville AL
WKBF 1270 La Jefa Rock Island IL
KLTK 1140 La Mas Mexicana Rogers AR
WMVB 1440 La Brava Vineland NJ
WKIQ 1240 La Gigante Eustis FL
WTCL 1580 La Z Chattahoochee FL
WHNR 1360 La Poderosa Winter Haven FL
KPPC 96.1 La Z Amarillo TX
WCXN 1170 La Buena Hickory NC
KUNC 103.5 Estereo Latino Amarillo TX

















KTUN 94.5 La Nueva Mix Avon CO
KQSE 102.5 La Nueva Mix Avon CO
KHHZ 97.7 Radio Mexico Chico CA
KWRN 1550 La Poderosa Victorville CA
KWRM 1370 Radio Mexico Corona CA
KXDJ 1590 La Pantera Lucerne Valley CA
WAUC 1310 Radio Mexicana Wauchula FL
KBHC 1260 La Campesina Nashville AR
KDQN 1390 La Mera Buena Queen AR
KFTA 970 La Fantastica Burley ID
KREU 92.3   Roland OK
WJTI 1460 La Nueva Ritmo Milwaukee WI
KGEN 94.5 La Gordita Mexicana Hanford CA
KGEN 1370 La Gordita Mexicana Tulare CA
KSKD 95.9 La Favorita Merced CA
KBYN 95.9 La Favorita Modesto CA
KCFA 106.1 La Favorita Sacramento CA
KNTO 93.3 La Favorita Merced CA
KMAK 100.3 La Favorita Fresno CA
WNTS 1590 La Ley Indianápolis. IN
KQBO 107.5 La Patrona Mc Allen TX
KWRN 1550 La Poderosa Apple Valley CA











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