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Colombian singer-songwriter Lucas Arnau to perform acoustic set LAN airlines on Mother’s Day


Goes International

 Lucas Arnau 7

 The Colombian singer expands his career and kicks off an international promo tour with the launch of his new single and video “De La Mano” (Hand In Hand)

 Video “De La Mano” – with over 2 million views!

Triumphant stops in Ecuador, Puerto Rico and coming up in Perú and Mexico!

The Colombian singer-songwriter has been invited by LAN airlines to perform a special acoustic set, in one of their flights from Bogotá, Colombia to Miami, celebrating Mother’s Day during the month of May

Lucas Collage

Criteria Entertainment. Los Angeles, CA (May 2, 2013) ) –Fans and media alike welcomed Lucas Arnau to Quito, Ecuador, where the singer continues his successful musical trajectory and promotional tour for his latest single “De La Mano”.

The Colombian star delighted audiences with an unplugged performance of his latest hits for the winners of Joya Stereo. Arnau enjoyed his stay and is actually preparing his next tour stop – Puerto Rico – where he will continue to promote “De La Mano”, a song written by Lucas himself with Luis Bolívar and produced by José Gaviria and Fernando “Toby” Tobon.

Click here to watch video of “De La Mano” – with over 2 million views:

Arnau known for his joyous personality, charisma and romantic style has been invited by LAN as a guest performer in their aircraft, to celebrate Mother’s Day month with an acoustic set performed en route from Bogota, Colombia to Miami. The event is part of a Twitter contest taking three winners and their mothers on a one-of-a-kind flight.

With “De La Mano”, Lucas will conquer the international market one step at a time. “De La Mano” is available on iTunes and all other digital outlets.

The video was filmed in the streets of Bogota, Colombia, and was directed by Juan Pablo Zuluaga and produced by Direktor Films.

Promo Tour Dates

• Puerto Rico (San Juan): April 29th – May 2nd

• Peru (Lima): May 14th – May 17th

• Mexico (Mexico City): May 27th – May 31st


For more information, visit: